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RoboVent Unveils New Clean Air Educational Initiative

RoboVent announces a new program to help industry leaders and plant managers better understand and address air quality issues in manufacturing facilities.

RoboVent Introduces eTell Advanced Air Quality Controls for Dust Collection Systems

RoboVent announces the release of eTell, an advanced predictive control system for air quality equipment that improves energy efficiency, prolongs filter life and reduces operational costs.

What’s in the air you breathe? RoboVent featured on In View with Larry King

As our manufacturing technologies improve and advance, so must the tools we use to clean the air from those processes. This video, produced by “In View with Larry King” (as seen on the Fox Business Channel) explores the concerns over air quality in manufacturing facilities and the benefits of installing a RoboVent clean air system.

RoboVent Featured in Business in Focus Magazine

The September 2015 issue of Business in Focus Magazine featured a six-page spread on RoboVent.

RoboVent Delta3 Extinguishes the Competition!

The Delta3 was developed with computational fluid dynamic technology, and works by extinguishing sparks through driving them in a centrifugal motion to outer-walls of the unit to avoid buildup and fires. This new technology will snuff out the potential for Dust and Fume collection fires by taking a proactive approach towards preventing fires in the first place.

RoboVent Puts VentMapping® on the Map!

VentMapping is an engineering engagement which utilizes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) testing to accurately pinpoint problem areas and develop a ventilation solution for a specific area of concern.

The Value of Open Pleats in Cartridge Filters for Dust Collection

Unlike with traditional cartridge filters, those with an open pleat spacing (as found in the Endurex RMO filters from RoboVent) ensure that all filter media is used, which results in an average 30 percent or more longer filter life than traditional filters.

How clean is the air in your manufacturing facility?

Metalworking facilities have to meet basic federal requirements for indoor air quality, but some companies may choose to go beyond that to create a work environment that encourages employee engagement and higher productivity.

RoboVent Highlights “Cool” New “ICE” Line!

RoboVent ICE (Integrated Cooling Equipment) combines benefits of both air-conditioning, as well as, clean-air filtration in a single source system.

RoboVent Showcases their Fusion 3 Line!

RoboVent has introduced a number of important breakthroughs in air-cleaning technology, yet we recognized that this technology could be taken to the next level. The Fusion 3 Series is more capable, more powerful, and at the same time, much simpler.

Three Easy Steps: Get to Know the Three-Pronged Approach to Weld Fume Removal

Not only can weld fumes result in a visible haze throughout a facility, but the airborne particulates in weld fumes can settle on surfaces – including sensitive electronics and equipment, where the tiny particles can wreak havoc. More importantly, weld fumes can pose serious threats to workers’ health.