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Ventilation Solutions For Portable Weld Fume Extraction

Limiting the circulation of weld fume particulates, which contain elements such as Chromium, Manganese, Nickel and Zinc, is critical to the maintaining the health, happiness and productivity of welders while meeting, or better yet exceeding, the standards put in place by regulatory groups like OSHA.

Source capture of fumes from light-duty welding or other processes such as cutting or finishing often poses an aggravating challenge, but source capture is the most efficient method to maintain a clean air environment. Stationary equipment is restrictive and portable units are often ineffective — until now. RoboVent has developed VentBoss, an innovative line of high-quality, portable collector units that are ideally suited to a range of operations.

VentBoss by RoboVent portable weld fume extraction units are available in variety of configurations including the S130 tip-extraction system to the S110 single fume arm solution. Or, you can achieve increased capabilities by switching to the s120, the highly-adaptable collector which can quickly change from a dual-fume arm system to a back draft or down draft table when convenience, portability and durability are key.

To achieve a cleaner, safer, more productive working environment with the help of VentBoss portable fume extractor systems, please contact us today.

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VentBoss S110

We got your back. This is one powerful portable and our most popular unit by far. Super easy to set up and even easier to use! The VentBoss S110 Series offers compact size, high filtration efficiency, and plug-and-play convenience. Learn more [/product_content][product_content]ventboss_s120180xicon_

VentBoss S120

You asked for it, here it is. Our top of the line portable, with the unique ability to quickly change from an extra-large 8” Fume arm or dual 6” Arms, to a Back Draft or a Down Draft table! All in one powerful 1200 CFM unit, with on board compressed air tank. Learn more[/product_content][product_content]ventboss_s130180xicon_

VentBoss S130

Catch it right at the source. Grab this little unit, drop it next to your welder and hook it straight up to your tip-extraction welding torch. Or hook up the 15’ flex hose, to one of the handy intake hoods available. Learn more [/product_content]

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