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Dust Spray Collectors for Metalizing Processes

Companies that utilize metalizing, or thermal spraying processes face a number of challenges. Airborne contaminants contained in thermal spray dust have extremely fine particles that pose a risk to employees, facilities and the quality of the work if proper dust spray collectors aren’t employed.

Thermal spray technology is rapidly evolving – posing, new and larger challenges for metalizing dust spray collectors. The RoboVent Fusion 3 Series of free-standing and multi-cell metalizing dust collection systems incorporates a variety of clean air technology breakthroughs into a solution that’s simple to use, easy to install, and has a very low operating cost.

State-of-the-art airflow simulation software and fabrication techniques allowed us to create a high-functioning dust collector ideal for metalizing dust spray. Standard features in the Fusion 3 Series include:

Vertical Filter Design for maximum thermal spray dust collection and increased filter life
SafeSensor™ Particulate Monitoring to automatically detect filtration issues and shut down equipment should problems arise
All-in-One Complete Packaged Product to deliver space savings, convenience, and reduced installation costs

Learn more about the Fusion 3 Series and available features for thermal dust spray collectors below.

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