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RoboVent ICE System

Introducing the RoboVent ICE

Manufacturing today requires an intense focus on health and environmental standards, along with quality and productivity. To address these challenges, you need a supplier with a track record of offering sound solutions.

With over 25 years of experience in fume and smoke filtration, RoboVent is that trusted supplier.

The patent-pending RoboVent ICE solution signals the next step in our company’s evolution. We’ve designed this innovative system to meet the unique demands of manufacturing facilities. With ICE, you’ll know that your plant has clean, cool air, which can improve employee health, plant productivity, and your business’ profitability.

RoboVent ICE

Get Cool, Clean Air with RoboVent ICE

RoboVent ICE goes beyond traditional HVAC by integrating dust collection and air conditioning. Combining the two systems produces major benefits for your workers and facility — all of which boosts profitability for your business.

Create a Healthier Working Environment
Are you doing all you can to protect your workers’ health? With RoboVent ICE, you will be.

Now, you can rest assured that even ultra-fine dust has been removed from the air your workers breathe. Plus, the air is cooler and drier, which eliminates the risk of heat stroke, heat exhaustion and other heat-related ailments.

Increase Your Bottom Line
With better air quality comes better employee productivity. Your workers will be happier and more energetic on the floor — and less likely to call in sick or consider moving on to another job.

RoboVent ICE is good for your equipment, too. Reduce downtime and maintenance costs by mitigating the risk of electrical panel failure, machinery corrosion, and other problems that can arise in hot, humid conditions.

RoboVent ICE is Available for Duct-less or Ducted Solutions
RoboVent ICE — the only integrated cooling equipment for dust collection and fume extraction — allows you to choose from duct-less and ducted options. Each is easy to integrate with the ICE solution. And each contains the Endurex filter system, which cleans incoming air, passes it over cooling coils, and then returns it to the plant at the desired temperature. It’s never been simpler to keep your plant clean and cool.

Backed by the Best Warranty in the Industry
RoboVent ICE collectors come with the Best Warranty in the Industry; 15 years on air filtration cabinets, five years on air filtration components, and 12 months on air conditioning cabinets and components.

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