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Dust Collection for Food Manufacturing Dust

Maintaining a safe and sanitary food processing environment is critical, not just for those who work in these facilities but because it has the potential to affect the population far beyond the walls of the plant. State-of-the-art ventilation and dust collection is crucial in these operations and the challenges can be especially difficult.

To prevent cross contamination, sanitary regulation violations and food handling issues, food processing dust collectors may need to be employed at all stages of production from mixing and drying to weighing and packaging. RoboVent engineered the Fusion 3 Series dust collection system with the unique challenges of the food processing industry in mind. These self-contained food processing dust collectors incorporate all of the features one would expect in a dust collector and filtration system into a single, convenient unit:

Endurex™ RMO Filters that are proven to capture more dust while increasing filter life and reducing operating costs
SafeSensor™ Particulate Monitoring that detects filtration issues when they happen and automatically shuts down the system to prevent any cross-contamination issues while the issue is corrected
SparkOut™ Spark Arrestance technology that utilizes high centrifugal forces to kill sparks

Learn more about the Fusion 3 Series and available features for food processing dust collectors below.

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