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Fibreglass Dust Collectors and Dust Collection Systems

Dust collection in processes that involve fibre-reinforced materials is a particularly vexing challenge because of the physical structure of the fibrous material which tends to bridge the filter pleats. This bridging effect creates airflow problems and unique challenges when keeping a filter clean and working effectively in fibreglass dust collectors.

RoboVent’s Fusion 3 Series dust collection system incorporates next-level technology and world-class engineering principles to maximize performance in even the most rigorous environments. The Fusion 3, high-performance, fibreglass dust collection system is purpose-built to combat the challenges associated with fiberglass dust:

Endurex™ RMO Filters are re-engineered to maximize filter efficiency and avoid air flow issues by reconfiguring pleat arrangement and media spacing.

SafeSensor™ Particulate Monitoring automatically detects filtration issues and shuts down equipment to avoid further complications while the problem is remedied.

All-in-One Complete Packaged Product can be installed in 60 minutes or less and provides optimal floor space efficiency.

Learn more about the Fusion 3 Series and available features for fibreglass dust collectors below.

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