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Chemical Dust Collectors for Manufacturing and Processing Plants

Chemical manufacturing and processing plants face unique challenges from an industrial dust collection perspective. From material loss and collector leakage to capturing expensive materials and dangerous dust, chemical manufacturers must be confident that their chemical dust collection equipment performs at the highest level.

RoboVent Fusion 3 Series industrial dust collection equipment provides superior capture to ensure chemical dust control – whether your primary goal is to minimize air pollution or reclaim valuable particulate for reuse.

The innovative design of the Fusion 3 industrial dust collection system incorporates a variety of advanced features, including:

All-in-One Complete Packaged Product to deliver floor space efficiency and one-location convenience. Plus, it reduces installation costs and helps you achieve time savings

Vertical Filter Design for enhanced dust collection capabilities and increased filter life

SafeSensor™ Particulate Monitoring to automatically detect filtration problems and protect equipment

Learn more about the Fusion 3 Series and available features for chemical dust collectors below.

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