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Abrasive Dust Collectors for Blasting Operations

Abrasive blasting applications vary widely, from the style of equipment and containment system to the media used for cleaning and prepping parts. The challenges in developing effective abrasive dust collectors for blasting operations are equally varied. But regardless of your process or product, RoboVent has a superior line of dust collection equipment to help make the job easier and safer.

Fusion 3 Series industrial dust collectors are ideal for abrasive blasting applications due to their rugged cabinet design and superior dust collection capabilities. Engineered from the ground up using state-of-the-art CFD simulation technology, Fusion 3 series abrasive dust collectors provide the flexibility, efficiency and performance you need.

Fusion 3 Series features include:

All-in-One Complete Packaged Product to deliver space savings, convenience, and reduced installation costs

Vertical Filter Design for maximum dust capture and increased filter life

SafeSensor™ Particulate Monitoring to automatically detect filtration issues and shut equipment down should a problem arise

Learn more about the Fusion 3 Series and available features for abrasive dust collectors below.

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